Lynda Thalie

Algerian-born Canadian Singer/Songwriter

Lynda Thalie

Lynda Thalie
Algerian-born Canadian Singer/Songwriter

Lynda Thalie’s music is a blend, a harmonious combination of musical sounds and instruments from around the world. Her distinctive voice and musical style immediately won her a unique place in the Canadian artistic community. Portrayed as a singer, songwriter and composer who elegantly mixes North African and Middle Eastern rhythms with Western melodies, Lynda has received critical acclaim for successfully reflecting Quebec’s contemporary diversity in her art.

For several years now, Algerian-born Lynda has demonstrated her universal appeal by gaining thousands on fans on four continents. In 2006, her De neige ou de sable tour with over 70 performances delighted fans at concerts and festivals across Quebec.  Her show received four prestigious ADISQ nominations, while her album was nominated for the ADISQ Album of the Year – World Music award as well as a GalaSOBA, Sounds of Blackness Award.  In February of the same year, Toronto invited her to perform at the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala.

The following year – 2007 – was a spectacular time for Lynda, beginning with an international tour in six countries and performances at prestigious concert halls and theatres in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Latin America. Back in Montreal after winning thousands of new fans around the world, Lynda was invited to perform with Rachid Taha, to an audience of 80,000 at the spectacular closing of the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Lynda kicked off 2008 with a Middle Eastern tour. In the fall, she released a new album under the Musicor label, a highly nuanced work deeply rooted in her own origins and inspired by her travels.  In 2009, she was back on the road with the Rose des sables tour, a peripatetic voyage in which she invited music lovers in Canada, Egypt and Cyprus to discover the exotic sensuality and mystery of the East.

That year, Lynda received five GalaSOBA nominations and two awards: she won the World Artist of the Year award, while her CD La rose des sables garnered the French Album of the Year award as well as a sixth ADISQ Gala nomination.

In January 2009, Lynda Thalie was named the Canadian spokeswomen for the 19th Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, a car rally through the Moroccan desert that tests the mettle of women from all walks of life and all parts of the world, including Quebec. Her song Le rallye des gazelles was chosen as the event’s official anthem, and sanctioned by SPACQ (the Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec) for Francophonie Diffusion, the French music platform with 600 radio partners in 100 countries, as well as for a broadcasting and promotion campaign with international partners.

During the same period, she was involved in recording the album Génération Passe-Partout, a multi-artist compilation of reinvented melodies from Passe-Partout, Quebec’s much-loved French-language educational children’s show. It was the only album to reach gold in 2009, with sales of over 40,000. 

Lynda also performed at the Vancouver Olympic Games in 2009 and at a series of major events, including St-Jean Baptiste celebrations on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City and the Canada Day show on Parliament Hill in 2010. And in April 2011, Éditions La Semaine launched Lynda’s autobiography at the Salon du livre de Québec.

In 2011 she was also on stage four nights running, opening at the Olympia Theatre in Paris for music legend Enrico Macias, who has sold over 30 million albums. The Macias concert in Paris followed on the heels of two shows in Egypt, one in the French Embassy gardens in Cairo, and one at the sports stadium in Alexandria, where she shared a double stage with Macias.

Lynda is a multidisciplinary artist, and in 2012 was filmed for Mon Algérie, a Telimagin documentary made for Radio-Canada.  After filming she flew to Greece, performing on tour from March 14 to 20. In the spring and summer of that year, she was involved in a series of television and stage projects in Canada and abroad, including three concerts for the Francophonie internationale event organized in London for the Olympic Games.

Her travels abroad and her exceptionally open mind and heart have been the foundation and source of inspiration for her fourth album, Nomadia. This latest work shows her even more deeply engaged artistically, as she raises the bar in both lyrics and music.  A first song, Dance Your Pain Away, La tête haute, was released in February 2013.  

The new song, unwaveringly positive and refreshing with a hint of the exotic overlaid on an irrepressible beat, sets the tone for the entire album. Available in stores since May 27, 2013 under the label Musicor, it was produced by her new collaborator Louis Côté, well known for his work with K. Maro, who has sold over 2 million albums, as well as for the remarkable success of Shy’m.  A Canadian tour is in the works for the summer of 2013.

Since the early days of her career, Lynda has forged ties with fellow artists and garnered honours. Her music is enriched by her collaboration with many exceptional artists, including Michel Rivard, Luc de Larochellière, Félix Gray, Yann Perreau, Rachid Taha (France), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel), Enrico Macias (France) and Louis Côté (K-Maro, Shy’m).  She also lends her voice to musical scores for films by Michel Cusson, Cité-Amérique and the National Film Board of Canada. 

In a nutshell, Lynda Thalie is an internationally renowned singer-songwriter, a woman in love with life and being human, and an artist for whom the words failure and limits simply do not exist.  

Her new album Nomadia is an eloquent paean, a testament to her exceptional qualities as a great artist.