Community Founddations of Canada

CANADA 150/2017 STARTS NOW is an incredible opportunity for Canadians to kick off a nationwide conversation about our vision for our country as it approaches its 150th birthday.

Community Foundations of Canada and the 187 community foundations that make up our national network are honoured to be partners in hosting this momentous opportunity in our history. For nearly a century, Canada's community foundations have been at the heart of building better places to live, work and play. As we look ahead to 2017 and beyond, our movement is committed to working with Canadians to take up the Governor General's call to action to build ‘a smarter and more caring nation.’

Together with our partners at CBC/Radio-Canada and VIA Rail Canada, we’re excited to be sharing inspiring stories of community vitality, mobilizing our network to host local conversations and imagining the kind of country and communities we want to build over the next 50 years.

Ian Bird
President and CEO
Community Foundations of Canada